The 2017 State of Intranet in Russia Report

In keeping with tradition we are happy to present the results of the only Intranet survey in Russia.

61 companies took part in the 2017 survey. Companies that participated in the study are differed by sector, size, ability of their employees to access an Intranet and experience of Intranet use.

Briefly on 10 key trends:

  • Focusing on user: Intranet’s usability and user-centered design is #1 priority for 62% of companies.
  • The second priority is running the Digital workplace. 33% of companies are planning to implement Digital workplace during the next 1,5 years.
  • The third priority is mobile version of Intranet (29% of companies). 23% of companies already have mobile version of intranet. Thus, in the next 1,5 years around 52% of companies will have mobile version. Finance and IT companies (48%) are primarily planning to launch mobile version, next are companies with the employees that do not work in front of a computer (i.e. manufacturing, retail, metals and mining, science and education).
  • Companies that calculates Intranet ROI have higher Intranet attendance rates. It can be assumed that companies that develop Intranet to solve their business tasks look for an economic rationale of Intranet and calculate the estimated efficiency. If Intranet solves the business tasks and employee uses some of Intranet instruments for work, the attendance will definitely be higher.
  • The average size of Intranet team in Russia is 2 employees.
  • The main Intranet owner is internal communications department (61% of companies). The key co-owner is IT which happens in 21% of companies.
  • Only 48% of companies have an Intranet manager and 11% of companies have a usability-specialist.
  • The most popular IT-solutions are MS Sharepoint (various versions, over 61% of companies), in-house solutions (30%) and 1C-Bitrix.Сorporate portal and Bitrix24 (over 10%).
  • About 40% of companies use decentralised Intranet support, the rest of companies prefer centralised support.
  • About 70% of companies have renovated Intranet at least once, 20% relaunch Intranet every 3 years.

To learn more the full version of the Report is provided below.

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